Introducing... Cranes of Hope

When local resident, Jeanne Reeve, was going through chemo treatment after her cancer diagnosis, she saw a boy folding origami cranes for his mother. She learned his action was based on the ancient Japanese tradition of ‘senbazuru’ which promises that a person who folds 1000 cranes will be granted a wish – such as a long life or recovery from illness. The crane was chosen - as it is a symbol of hope, peace, healing and longevity. Feeling inspired by this tradition Jeanne folded 1000 cranes and gave them as a thank you to her support team.
Filled with appreciation and ‘wanting to give back’ led Jeanne (and her friends) to make 2000 more origami cranes. These cranes were attached as a centerpiece to small,
inspirational, decorative cards. The first Artist Trading Cards had been created and were given to cancer patients -- Cranes of Hope was born.
Then in 2014, Jeanne’s Art of Healing class she
attended was cancelled so she took Cranes of Hope to another level. Members of the art class met to make the Artist Trading Cards. Since that time, cancer survivors, caregivers and volunteers meet regularly at various locations to create the Cranes of Hope trading cards. To date over 45,000 cards have been made and distributed to various hospitals and clinics in the Twin Cities area. Underneath it All will have monthly Create Workshops on June 16 and July 14.

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